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Vibrating Massage in the DermaLife Feng Shui Capsule

Per 30 mins
A vibration massage in a capsule will provide sensual sensations through heat, water, color and sound.


Sucking Massage on the breast or buttocks

Per 20 mins
Makes the skin more elastic, the breast will be firmer and the buttocks will rise significantly.

40 zł (Pakiet 10 zabiegów - 320zł)

Vacuum-suction massage

Per 40 mins
Thanks to rhythmical suction and massaging the skin fold, fights exess fat and cellulite.

80zł (Pakiet 10 zabiegów - 640zł)

Full body relaxing massage De La Mer

Per 50 mins
Thalgo massage with the use of natural oils and essential oils.


Classic body massage

Per 50 mins
Has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, nervous system, muscular system, joints and skin.


Back massage

Per 30 mins
It is used to relieve stiffness, tension and muscle pain, migraine and tension headache, low back pain and general relaxation.


Massage with hot stones of the whole body

Per 60 mins
It is a combination of traditional massage techniques using hot stones. It gives the effect of relaxing, muscle relaxation and circulation stimulation.


Massage with hot herbal stamps

Per 50 mins
Relieves pain, muscle tension and removes toxins, intesely odorous aroma and heat from stamps relaxes body and mind.


Chocolate massage

Per 50 mins
Stimulates circulation, reduces swelling and accelerates fat burning. After the treatment the skin is nourished,
moisturized, firm and elastic and smells beautiful


Massage shines

Per 50 mins
Is a procedure that combines massage, aromatherapy and the heat od a candle flame. Thanks to the natural ingredients, the skin becomes more firm, nourished and silky smooth.


Massage with a Chinese cup of thinhs, buttocks and abdomen

Per 30 mins
It brings very clear effect in a short time. Firms and nourishes the skin, reduces cellulite.


Facial massage

Per 20 mins
Relaxes, improves muscle flexibility, reduces wrinkle and reduces the tendency to face swelling and so-called bags under the eyes.


Foot massage

Per 40 mins
Relaxes, improves muscle flexibility, reduces wrinkles and reduces the tendency to face swelling and so-called bans under the eyes.



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